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10 day gratitude monthly bonanza - FAQs

What is gratitude?

Gratitude is a foundation of happiness – it is taking a moment to notice and appreciate the good in our lives.

What is my experience with gratitude?

I always thought of myself as a ‘grateful’ human but to make a conscious effort to express gratitude was a totally new experience for me.

In May 2018 I completed a 21 day happiness challenge with Happiness Co (an Aussie company based in Perth - I respect their team and vision a tremendous amount) where one of the requirements was to begin each day by expressing 3 gratitudes.

During this 21 day period, I learnt the most about myself. It was the first time I put myself first for that duration (the daily homework and emotional diaries would only take around 30-45 mins daily) and starting the day with gratitude was a fabulous experience.

Over the last 8 months I have continued to express gratitude daily – it’s been an absolute game changer to my positive mental health.

What is the Monthly 10 Day Gratitude Bonanza?

My favourite way to start each month! :)

For the first 10 days of each month on my social media platforms, I express via video 3 things that I am grateful for each day. I then ask ‘What are you grateful for today?’

Within 6 editions I have received gratitudes from – Australia, Belgium, Canada, Greece, India, Ireland, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Pakistan, Spain, UAE, UK, Ukraine, USA and Thailand.

Daily I share some of the gratitudes received on my Instagram story – this provides others with further learning opportunities.

How did the bonanza begin?

Given my personal development through gratitude expression, I wanted to share this to those within my groups.

Sporadically on my Instagram story I would share a gratitude and ask to learn from others. I got much more engagement from doing this – humans were feeling comfortable to share with me. It was having a positive impact on me and those sharing – we learned by listening and sharing.

Upon returning to London to commence work in August 2018, the bonanza was born. This would be 10 days of consecutive sharing. The first edition was during mid-August…..since edition 2 (September 2018) it has been the first 10 days of each month.

Why 10 days?

I wanted this to be attractive to those curious about their own personal development.

A habit takes around 21 days to form. I felt for a ‘newbie’, 21 days would be intimidating. I wanted 10 days as I felt that if someone wants to try to create change or try something new, then 10 days is a fair time.

If the human receives benefit, they will stick to it. If not, they gave it a go and it is not for everyone.

Why monthly?

Integration is everything. Discipline is an absolute foundation of firstly new habit formation and ultimately new neurological pathways being created.

Having the bonanza monthly gives regular opportunity for the curious to try something new.

The end/start of a month is generally a time of reflection and planning so it coincides beautifully with this.

Who are the ‘Gratitude Gang’?

Anyone who makes time to consume any gratitude content over this 10 day period of sharing gratitude is part of the ‘Gratitude Gang’ – whether they think of, express or share gratitudes is irrelevant 😊

Who can join?

The monthly 10 day bonanza is inclusive for ALL (the gratitude gang operates on a rolling recruitment basis haha).

How to join?

Follow @sanjeevssandhu on Instagram and consume its content over the first 10 days of the month.

I would adore it if you share gratitude via your own story and tag me or to express the gratitude directly through a message.


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