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From previous Accenture UK and Deloitte Middle East to spreading positivity across the world :)



A Positive Psychology enthusiast! Happier and healthier humans will always be the best performing :) I do this through empowering and enabling perspective and positive mental habits. 

A proud trainer at Art of Brilliance - one of the UK's leading providers of wellbeing training.

I coach individuals from diverse backgrounds on how to discover their passion and purpose and becoming their best self.

I have worked together with organisations and educational institutions across UK, UAE, India, UAE Switzerland and Australia on gratitude, human flourishing, personal development, resilience and stress optimisation. ​

Also about Sanjeev: 

  • Sports fanatic - Cricket & Football

  • Favourite music - Bollywood & Punjabi

  • Proudest Achievement - Waking up and sleeping each day loving what I do! 

  • Most valued trait in others - Honesty

Education and Consulting Career

  • Loughborough University - 2012-'16 - Accounting and Financial Management 

  • Accenture UK (London) - 2014-'15 (12 month Industrial Placement) 

  • Deloitte Middle East (Dubai) - 2017-'18

  • Sanjeev Sandhu

My aim is to inspire authenticity, leading by example

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

I want to share what I wrote on 23rd September 2018.....

My aim is to inspire authenticity, leading by example. We are lost, seeking validation and putting more filters on ourselves than ever before.

We can learn so much and apply it to our own lives through the stories of others, if we know where to look. We can obtain guidance and support from those in the know, if we ask. The world of social media is beautiful, if used correctly.

The key driver behind where i am today is the lack of non-judgemental support and guidance for students and young professionals. Society and the individuals within it (We are all responsible), puts an expectation on these people to jump into the working world (usually a big corporate) and says 'work hard for 3-4 years and then you'll have everything you want'.

There are two flaws with this. Firstly, the individuals doing this are not sure what they want, yet jump head first into this world. Before they know it,, they are 18-24 months into their job, have the 3-4 year 'magic moment' in sight but still have no idea what they want - this causes excessive stress and anxiety. Either they will leave their job in search of discovering what hey want or they will continue with the role until they find what they want - one foot in, one foot out.

The second flaw is that these companies do not know how to manage these employees (As the employees themselves do not know what they want) so are suffering greatly with the cost of retention of graduate hires.

This is not the 'fault' of anyone. we must lean that to obtain the things we desire in life, we must first know what we want. We must take the time to learn about ourselves and what matters most to us....because once we know what we want, we can plan to get it. There is no need to have everything figured out, a great starting point is to simply write three things we value most:

My top three - Honesty, Integrity and Gratitude.

I am on the journey, just like you :)

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