• Sanjeev Sandhu

‘Share with Sanj’ & ‘Sanjimonial’ FAQs

What is Share with Sanj?

It is a 5 question ice-breaker selfie interview.

1. Introduce yourself and how do you know Sanj?

2. What is your favourite food or TV show?

3. What is a travel destination you would love to go to but have not been to yet?

4. What is your proudest TV in life?

5. What is your most valued trait in others?

Why did you create it?

I wanted to get straight to knowing people on a more meaningful level.

By asking people in my life these questions, I have learnt things about them I never have before. Those who have been sharing with me have also stated that they have not been asked questions like this before.

Why do you share some of the clips?

I find it an amazing experience to learn from the stories of others. Sharing a clip of the interview it allows viewers to obtain a snippet into the life of another – through this they have the opportunity to learn something new.

How did you think of the questions?

I thought ‘What can be an introduction of substance’ – one that shares an incredible insight about a human.

Around March 2018 I started to introduce myself differently (I wanted to create my own ‘box’ of judgement) and used this as an initial framework.

The desire of these questions is to provoke thoughts from a range of feelings that together, create that powerful introduction.

What is ‘Sanjimonial’

This is a testimonial from someone that I personally know.

Why do you share these stories?

It is to provide viewers with a new learning opportunity – a chance to empathise from the perspective of another.


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