The most inspired and motivated author, researcher, public speaker and coach.



A Positive Psychology and Wellbeing researcher and author.

Sanjeev believes that happier and healthier humans will always be the best performing. He does this through being an inspired and motivated human looking to fulfil and exceed his own potential. 

Sanjeev has worked with some of the most reputable organisations and schools on the planet across UK, UAE, India, Switzerland and Australia.

Sanjeev is a proud trainer at Art of Brilliance - one of the UK's leading providers of wellbeing training. He works with his heroes who are shaping a global wellbeing revolution. 

On a one to one level, Sanjeev coaches individuals from diverse backgrounds on how to discover their passion and purpose and becoming their best self.

Also about Sanjeev: 

  • Sports fanatic - Cricket & Football

  • Favourite music - Bollywood & Punjabi

  • Proudest Achievement - First book published July 02 2020 'How to be a WELL BEING' 

  • Most valued trait in others - Honesty



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